7 days of Blissful reading

 24,00 incl. btw


Find your way back to childhood happiness with a daily moment of reading. Starting on February 19th, we’re going to read 15 minutes a day. In our own time, and diving into a book of our own choice. Including 2 bonuses!

    • A ‘Join me while I read’-session everyday
    • Extra week of daily reminders

Check the description below for all the information. You can also visit the challenge page.


This is how ‘7 days of Blissful Reading’ works:

  • From Monday 19 until Sunday 25 February we read 15 minutes a day (or 5 minutes if that’s all you got!). You can always read longer.
  • We choose our own book: pick your favourite genre, choose a book you’ve been wanting to read for ages or randomly pick up a book that appeals to you.
  • Every day, we read. On our own time. What works best for you? Morning, afternoon or an evening read?
  • We share our love for reading, and our reading moments in a private Instagram account.
  • I am the cheerleader that helps you get started AND keep going.
  • You receive tips, support, and inspiration from my years of experience with using challenges to help you discover what works for you.
  • Use the 7 days to experiment! In what way does reading more often fit in your life? You will find ways to fit this right in with your daily life.
  • We’re going to practice being adults who still embrace their inner child and just ENJOY reading.
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